The Black Association of South Hills for Women
2020 Membership

Norma Barrett Adams
Joy Baker
Minister Bernice E. Carson

Joyce Ellis

Lynnelle Goins, Treasurer
Nora Greathouse

Debra Hakeem
Mary Jenkins
Mabel Lee, 
Vice President
Renee Mack

Linda McCall, Recording Secretary

Sheila McCollum

Ediri Montoya   

Wilma McNeese

Stephanie Myers

Waverly Nesmith, Asst. Recording Sect.
Andrea O'Daniel
Lillian Pierce
Gloria Richardson
Sandra Simpson
Michelle Torregano, 
Corr. Secretary
Charla Tyler
Ty Walton,
Diana Ward
Loretta Williamson

Membership meets on the second Friday of the month except in July and August.

Annual Membership dues are $46.
New members have a $10 initial fee. Membership is targeted to women who reside in the suburban South Hills areas of Pittsburgh